Wills and Power of Attorney

The Security of a Properly Prepared
Will and Power of Attorney

Appoint an Executor and Provide for Your Loved Ones After Death

A last Will and Testament is a written document that enables you to properly prepare for the legal distribution of the assets of your estate upon your death. In the state of West Virginia, if you die without a Will (or a valid Will), your estate will be distributed according to the very strict state laws of intestacy, which may conflict with the actual desires of many family members. Your last Will and Testament permits you, as the testator, to appoint a representative (executor/executrix) and provide for your spouse, children, pets, and other loved ones precisely as you see fit.

Attorney Rebecca Judy can assist you with planning your will in West Virginia

Legal Counsel for Estate Distribution and Guardianship of Children

Judy Law Office is available to provide legal counsel regarding how state laws may affect the distribution of your estate, and guide you through the process with just a few simple questions. We strive to make the process as easy as possible. Do not hesitate to prepare your Will now, while you are thinking about it, to ensure that your final wishes are followed. In addition to asset distribution, you may also specify the following in your Will:

  • Legal Guardianship of Your Minor Children
  • Charitable Gifts

Designate an Attorney in Fact

If you are interested in legally authorizing and designating someone you implicitly trust to make all decisions (or specified decisions) on your behalf regarding your property, finances, and other critical matters, Judy Law Office will assist you with preparing your Durable Power of Attorney. Please note that a Power of Attorney document differs from a “medical power of attorney for healthcare decisions,” which grants your agent/proxy to make all decisions regarding your health care (including the provision or denial of life support).

Attorney Judy helps clients designate a power of attorney in Elkins, WV

A power of attorney enables your agent, also known as attorney in fact, to make very critical decisions. Aside from planning for continuance of your home or business in case of sudden, unexpected incapacity, some situations when you may want to designate a power of attorney include:

  • Prior to Overseas Military Deployment
  • Advanced Age
  • Progressive/Terminal Disease Diagnosis

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