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When making transactions in the real estate market, it is critical to take the proper precautions to ensure that legal documents, including title search examinations, deeds, zoning and land use documents, are valid. Whether you are buying or selling, Judy Law Office protects your rights and financial interests. Services are available for residents throughout West Virginia.

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Judy Law Office Offers Professional Deed Transfer Service

Deeds are very important written legal documents used to transfer ownership (title) of real property. They list the owner who rightfully possesses a specific parcel as of a specified date and time. Both the old and new owners are listed, as well as a full legal description of the property. Several specific procedures must be followed, and fees paid, in order to successfully transfer ownership of real property in the state of West Virginia. Judy Law Office offers professional legal services to handle all types of residential and commercial real estate conveyances.

Protect Your Real Estate Interests With a Property Title Search

Contact Judy Law Office for full property title service, including title searches, deed reviews, and legal counsel, to help ensure that your real estate interests are protected now and into the future. Attorney Rebecca Judy is available to defend title attacks, and help buyers and sellers of real property determine the extent of their property rights regarding ownership interests, condition of the property and improvements, boundaries, right-of-way, and related legal matters. Always secure your own attorney in matters involving real estate transactions.

Buying or Selling a Home? Choose An Experienced Real Estate Closing Attorney

If you are buying, selling, or refinancing a home or commercial property, it is essential to choose an experienced real estate attorney to safeguard your interests. Judy Law Office provides comprehensive, competent closing services, including:

Title Search: Examination of title to check for any existing restrictions, easements, liens, mortgages, judgments, encroachments, etc., as well as whether or not the title is clear and marketable.

Title Insurance: Safeguards the financial interest of the property against defects in real property title, such as claims related to fraud, errors in public records, omitted heirs, and undiscovered liens.

Coordination: Communication liaison between all parties, including buyer, seller, lender, brokers, surveyors, merchants, judgment holders, mortgagee, homeowners insurance company, county officials, inspectors, contractors, adjacent parcel owners, and other attorneys and individuals directly involved in the real estate transaction

Document Review at Closing: Present at closing to explain and verify documents related to the transactions, including your deed, deed of trust, note, settlement statement, process, timeline, loan documentation, and disbursement/distribution of monies involved.

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