Estate Administration / Probate Law

Estate Administration and Probate Law Attorney in Elkins, WV

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With proper planning regarding the administration of your estate (your collective assets and liabilities) after your death, you can help shield your beneficiaries from the expenses and inconvenience of the probate process, minimize taxation, and also ensure that your loved ones receive precisely what you would like them to receive from amongst your assets upon distribution of your estate. Judy Law Office, located in Elkins, provides estate planning and administration services for residents living in Upshur, Pendleton, Randolph, Barbour, Tucker, and Pocahontas County, WV. Some important components of competent estate planning include assigning various designations and making pre-planning steps, according to your personal situation:

  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Last Will & Testament

Attorney Judy handles estate & probate law in Elkins, WV

Attorney Rebecca Judy Assists Executors of the Deceased in WV

If you have been named as an executor or executrix of the deceased, you can trust Attorney Rebecca Judy to assist you through the entire process. There are many legal issues that must be properly addressed, and a substantial amount of paperwork is involved in most cases. Contact our law office to request assistance with everything from filing probate documents, collecting and distributing assets, paying creditors, and re-titling assets, to creating and funding trusts for beneficiaries and preparing final tax returns. Estate litigation services are also available.

Probate Law and Estate Settlement Lawyer in West Virginia

In West Virginia, if an individual has not prepared a valid Will prior to death, the assets of the deceased pass to intestate succession according to West Virginia law. This is a very confusing process that is unique to each family, especially if it is a blended family. Then, the property will be distributed according to the Will, or the state laws of intestacy.

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